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Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by Gofirstclass, Sep 25, 2022.

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    We're considering a trip to NYC next summer. Neither of us has been there and don't know one borough from another, one neighborhood from another, what's safe and what's not. We'll probably spend a week so we'll need a hotel that's decent but not necessarily a five star.

    So, any of you guys who live there or go there on business, I need your help.

  2. Stee6043

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    Jun 1, 2015
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    I've spent some time in NYC but can't really help on where to stay. I always came in from NJ for the day. To me a week sounds like a long time to spend there though?

    One thought - spend 3 days in NYC and then drive up to Boston for another 3? My wife and I really enjoy Boston. Easier to get around, nicer people, far easier to digest than New York...
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    I don’t live there but a spend several days/nites a month there in various parts of the city mostly Manhattan and Queens. If your going to NYC to do all the usual “tourist” things I would suggest Manhattan.

    If you have never been, right around Times Square is a pretty good location to be based as you can walk/subway/short Uber to most attractions, and your right in the thick of it. To the north is Central Park, and all around a ton of things to do, all the TV studios, Radio City, NYC Library, art museums restaurants…you name it.

    Just be aware, nothing in NYC cheap, and hotel rooms in particular have gotten pretty expensive. But as they say location location location!
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  4. Strecker25

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    Nov 20, 2014
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    We like staying down near the seaport in the summer months to get the waterfront fix. You can ferry over to ellis, liberty, and the 9/11 memorial is somewhat nearby. It's easy enough to head up to midtown for the day to see what's up there. Take the subway for that authentic experience :)
  5. Espos4

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    I live outside the city but have worked in various parts of NYC for 28 years. Wife and I used to go for dinner and a show with an overnight stay a couple of times each year. Things are very different these last 2 years and we will not go back until it improves.

    But here's a few ideas:
    Pick a major hotel name in times square, spend 3-4 days.
    A day downtown for the Statue of liberty, Sept 11th museum (reservations in advance may be required) or South street Seaport
    A day in times square, Broadway show, Dinner at Tony's Di Napoli on 43rd Street
    Baseball at Citifield or Yankee Stadium
    For a change of pace, maybe Look into spending a few days at the shore. Jersey shore or Fire Island.

    Stee mentioned Boston, That's a good spot too. Historic place with great food.
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  6. dtfeld

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    Jun 5, 2016
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    To get your bearings, I recommend a couple of things

    Big Bus NYC Hop On Hop Off - Buses running all over the city and not expensive, like $50-$100 for 1-3 days!! I've done these in cities where I don't have a lot of time to get a big picture overview and/or hit a couple highlights. You'll also meet people from all over the world. -->

    Circle Line Tours (here's your nautical fix). In addition to going out to the Statue of Liberty (A must do if in NYC), take a Circle Line tour around the Island of Manhattan. -->

    As far as Boston goes, I'd make that a separate trip if able as there is enough to see and do in each city that a week wouldn't do it...especially Boston, there is soooo much history there.
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  7. Brite Idea

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    Nov 5, 2011
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    When we go in we either stay at the Hyatt in Times Square which is an excellent location or downtown near the financial district. Consider the City Pass for a good deal or downtown has a great walking tour also. We did the Wall Street area walking tour and also the Rockefeller walking tour and you will not be disappointed by either. I don't work in the city but we pre-covid would go in a couple of times a year for dinner & a show staying over at the most two nights and it's enough for us. Also I have many friends that work in NYC and they say do NOT use the subways for safety.
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  8. FootballFan

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    Jun 20, 2012
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    We were there a couple of weeks ago to attend the US Open. Have been to the US Open several times over the years. In the past we always stayed in Manhattan, mid town area, and rode the subway back and forth to the tournament.

    This trip we decided to not ride the subway due to some of the recent crime issues. We still stayed in Manhattan, just had a private car take us back and forth.

    We stayed around 5th avenue and south edge of Central Park. Walked around the area some (just a couple of blocks) up and down 5th. For us, nothing really different than what we had experienced in previous years regarding crime or homeless people camped out. Just didn't see it. This may be a very sheltered area because of the high end retail.

    A couple of weeks prior to our trip some friends who were life long residents of the city had visited for a week for some family events. They were out and about much more than we were, much wider geography. His comments were he was shocked with the number of homeless and boarded up store fronts. They rode the subway on Manhattan during the day, but not at night. When they ventured out to a couple of the Burroughs they took a car instead of the subway.

    Its a great city, everyone should visit. We love the city between Thanksgiving and Christmas with the decorations and everything going on. Trade off is it can be chilly.

    Awareness is your key. Understand in advance the areas that you do not want to venture into.

    Have a great trip!
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  9. mrsrobinson

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    Mar 9, 2006
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    This, it's touristy but worth it. Central Park is worth a visit. And I think a week is a lot as well. I've done many 2-3 nighters there.

    @FootballFan I am jealous! I went in 93 and 94, haven't been back since. Amazing event/trip.
  10. Shoyrtt

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    Jul 16, 2020
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    My wife loves NYC for the Broadway shows so we have made the trip (usually for 4-5 days) multiple times. From the left coast, we take a red eye into LaGuardia or JFK and hire a car to get us to Manhattan. Check in to the hotel is around 11am so we check our bags at the desk and take the Big Bus (double decker) and kill some time seeing the city. I like to stay on Lexington Ave, usually at the Doubletree and use the subway during the day. On your first trip do all of the tourist hot spots, museums, Central Park, Empire State, Statute of Liberty, World Trade. For meals, we used Yelp for recommendations which always worked for us. You will have a great time, it is a wonderful city to visit.
  11. Joint Custody

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    Sep 20, 2017
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    Go in the fall! Summer is hot and sticky.
    It is a two to three day city for me and then I have to get out! Great food , the diversity of the city and people is something to take in.
    Being from the west I like my sunrise and sunset. In the heart of the city I feel closed in and it overwells me at times. Find a hotel with rooftop bar/ lounge and try to make it to the park or down to the waterfronts.

    If you stay at one of the better hotels Your door man will be your best friend on advice where not to go and go.
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  12. Pirate Lady

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    Jun 2, 2020
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  13. Pirate Lady

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    Jun 2, 2020
    Chesapeake, Middle River
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    I would take a hug from Claire over a fark from all the girls on the bikini thread.
  14. FootballFan

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    Jun 20, 2012
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    LaGuardia previously was a 3rd world country airport in the past.

    We went in and out of there this latest trip. They have completed the remodel - it is a great airport to fly into now. I would choose LGA in a heartbeat now.
  15. Pirate Lady

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    Jun 2, 2020
    Chesapeake, Middle River
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    He knows where to get the best hookers and blow, and how to keep wife occupied at the spa while you partake.
  16. El Capitan

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    Keep your head on a swivel. Everyone is a target for machete wielding crazies. I'll be in the city end of October. First guy looks at me crooked....
  17. SKybolt

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    @Gofirstclass Mike, Couple of recommendations from someone who worked in the tri-state area most of my life and NYC in particular for over twenty of them.

    Couple of restaurants that are particularly good in Manhattan. I would totally stay in Manhattan and times square in particular in the Marriott Marquis if you can swing it. As mentioned catch Broadway show and some good Italian food, there are so many to choose from but this place is always fun and right next door to the Marquee . Go down town a bit for the best steak you have ever had in a very old world steak house, one of Manhattans oldest.

    If you like Cigars this place is a great stop for a bourbon/scotch and stogie:

    Definitely go to the Statue of Liberty, but get an early cruise over to that. I think Circle Line was mentioned for a trip around the Manhattan, but go for an evening cruise. There is nothing like seeing the city at night from the water:

    Peter Luger's in Brooklyn is also world renowned for there steaks, it's not fancy and pretty much nothing more then a hole in the wall, so it's not like going to the Palm. But had to mention it, There is also Wolfgang's in mid-town, he was the original chef for Peter Luger.

    Pretty much stay away form the Bronx and Brooklyn there not for first time tourist's and nothing in Queens to speak of. If you have time check out Central Park and their Zoo, pretty funny to see a zoo in the midst's of Central Park. There is also the Bronx Zoo which is totally worth seeing.

    I will say this, ask twenty people what you should see and do and you will get twenty very different answers. Just remember the City is the City and really has nothing to do with the rest of the state. Probably could be it's own state in it's own right.
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  18. RBB

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    Walking around NYC is interesting and entertaining regardless off what anyone thinks.
    Luv to visit but zero desire to live there.
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  19. Timeflys

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    Dec 7, 2013
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    Another must see, (imo) is the Intrepid museum. Great walking city..lots to see. Had lots of fun going for standby tickets to David Letterman and Regis&Kathie Lee …Carmines was fun you can guess how long ago that was…
    Things change .. take care with more up to date comments, but have fun!
  20. Shaps

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    Nov 4, 2019
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    Lived in the city for 10 years and worked there for 25+.
    Agree with a lot posted but no disrespect intended I would say I would avoid the touristy places like Carmines.
    The restaurant/food scene in NYC is world class. You have the opportunity to dine in some amazing restaurants with unique, creative cuisine.

    Check out
    To start

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