Southport Marina to Baldhead Island


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Nov 25, 2009
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We are cruising up to Southport Marina this weekend and are going to spend Tuesday on Bald Head. Can we dingy over the 3.5 miles or is the Cape Fear too unforgiving for a 8' 6" RIB?
Like all things, it all depends on the weather and the tides. you can get 3ft rollers on a bad day when the wind and tide are opposing.. other days it's nice and quiet. Not sure I would try it in a small boat, but I do see john boats out there all the time.
It does really depend on tides and winds, but you should be able to see the conditions from Southport Marina. I think you would find it easier to take the 400 over. Caution the tides, you might have to do a lot of crabbing entering Bald Head, also watch for ferries exiting and entering. Bald Head is great, and worth the trip.
Don't forget the cargo ships heading up to the State Port at Wilmington. They throw a heck of a wake. I wouldn't count on being able to do it. Bald Head Island corp. runs a passenger ferry over on a fixed schedule from just outside Southport. There's a fee, but it's much safer.
Vacationed at Bald Head a number of times - great place, no cars, rental houses all have a golf cart, only access is by boat. I have only ridden the ferry, so can't speak about taking your own boat, slip availability in the marina (it's small). That would be a pretty good dingy ride, I think I would take the ferry or the big boat. You don't have to be staying on the island to ride the ferry over.
You could do it in the dingy, probably be wet when you got to the island.
Take the ferry.
As was said, you'll need to rent a golf cart to see the island.
ZZ take your 40ft over. As you know we go there a lot. The delta gets snotty. Come into the marina jettis with power or have your crab angle set up. There is plenty of room to shit down once inside the jetti. Enjoy. Sorry we could not join you.
Thanks everyone for your tips. We got back to home port yesterday. Everything went well. I did take the boat to Bald Head Marina. But I made the dingy ride out the marina, across four footers and back in the inlet to the creek. Had to dodge the barge leaving the marina on the way back in.
Hope you had good time at Bald Head, one of our favorite place to go.

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