Virus from the banner ad?

Discussion in 'NEW SERVER BUGS' started by Phlorida, Jun 18, 2011.

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    My business runs all Mac... have 3 Mac servers, a big database running on one, and a bunch of other "stuff" needed for "business"... and all the desktop (Macs) work well together. We also have two PC's (blec). The local plastic surgery center here is also all Mac.

    Mac is not a "footnote." That sounds like something someone said in 1989. The OS is now basically UNIX with a nice GUI sitting on top of it so most of the stuff is actually open source/GNU based and has been around for eons (i.e. Sun, HP, etc.). Although not immune from malware, the underlying security model of UNIX is much more robust than Microsoft crap... and the financial industry is getting their clock cleaned right now because of this.

    Also, on our website, about 23% of the "hits" are Mac OS... and I doubt we attract "art types" in what we do.
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    The Mac OS has about 10% market share. It's quite a bit higher when you factor in the iPad if you choose to call it a computer.

    Also the Mac IS inherently safer than the PC and not because of it's lower market share. As Gary mentioned, it's based on Unix which is a lot more secure than Windows....not opinion, just facts.
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    You can run your business on Mac, but if you use an industry program, shared with thousands of other users it will always be PC based.

    If it is that good, reliable, and secure why do,the vast majority of business not use it. Is the market wrong?

    As to hits on this site, no surprise to me there. Mac users are more affluent and many of my friends have PC for work and Mac for personal.

    The stats, a few years old, I saw from a quick search were slightly less than 4% of users were Mac. MM
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    Just to get back on topic - pulling up CSR over the weekend made all my AV alarms go nuts. Whether it was from a malicious banner ad or wherever - it was legit, so nothing wrong with warning people to be on their toes.

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