Why is BoatTest,com still featuring the large Sea Ray's that supposedly won't be built anymore?

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Oct 3, 2006
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Hi Everyone............it's been a long time since I have created a posting on this board. Even though I still don't own another Cruiser, I look in on you guys every so often just to make sure you are all keeping in line. I really miss boating but owning another one is out of the question for me now.

Just the same, anyone have any thoughts on why Boat Test keeps on featuring the larger L Class boats? I don't know how they even get their hands on one for testing but I must have seen at least 5 or 6 videos they featured on "discontinued" Sea Rays?
Long time no "see" I hope all is well. We still refer new 260DA owners to your posts for reference - especially the ones that complain about the "tippy" planing experience......As far as the videos, my best guess is they were done long ago and they just want content for their websites.....the "marketing" people that send this stuff out probably dont know or care searay is out of the business - its all about adds and clicks
I suspect the lead time in those articles is pretty long. After they announcement, they likely didn’t have time to replace the material with other brand information.

Nice to hear from a Senior member from the early days, Dave. Don’t be a stranger!
Good point about the lead time.

Nice to hear from you guys as well. And I still get occasional questions from members on the 260DA via email and the message board.
The Sea Ray website still has all the Yacht and L class boats still listed, and still shows the L class as a new product introduction!
and, they probably will until all the new LClass boats are sold at retail. The last L650 was just launched on Monday of this week. It was already sold to Marine Max, but I don'think it has found a home yet.
Dave, Just had to say hi and long time no see. Good the hear from you.

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