Buddy List link

Does the link work for you or is it just me???
When I click on it I get this nice clean white screen.
Thanks Nolan, I thought it was just me. (Grin)
After that dumb sort question I had before, I'm beginning to not trust myself anymore.
same white screen here. The only person on my buddy list is chuck1 :)
I have a group of people on my buddy list and I get the white screen, if I click the link that chuck has in his post it works fine. I can't believe that Jim or Wesley has not responded to this thread yet. I guess that they are busy. :grin:
to be honest I am not sure what the intent of the buddy list is except to let you know which buddies are online. I have reported this post and have been waiting for a response.....about all I know to do on this one. Carry on. :thumbsup:
I have no idea what the feature is for either. I told the guy that I pay to fix this kind of thing to fix it so it should be fixed at some point. Since I don't even see the link I am not sure what he is going to fix, but I did point him to this thread.
Thank you. The buddy list just lets you know who is online and that is about all it does, nuttin fancy but kinda nice to have.
Thanks Jim & Wesley,
Like Midway said it allows you to know which of your "Buddies" are online in a small window area on the right hand side of the screen. In that window is a quick link to "PM" any of them. Plus when you click on the buddy link you have an easy way to see/search their profile finding that one post you know they did with the link to someplace. Kinda like a simple address book.

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